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GD93-3 Grinding Head


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Using a Handtmann VF600 Vacuum Filler and a GD93-3 Grinding Head, the product is ground to its final grain size and is simultaneously portioned in a single process step. This Grinding Head can be used with a Handtmann AL System to improve the particle distribution and product appearance when used as part of an Inline Grinding System for fresh sausage production. Alternatively, it can be accommodated as part of a Fresh Mince Portioning System when attached to a GD93-6 Grinding Head and GMD99-2 Mince Portioning Device. This Handtmann grinding technology adds real benefits: a shorter process chain, improved handling of filled products due to less operating steps, higher degree of evacuation, better bonding, a cleaner cut with good particle distribution and a reduced curing time depending on the product. The independent drive on the GD 93-3 Grinding Head enables the coarseness of a product to be individually adjusted to the relevant requirements and can also accommodate the new, Automatic Separating Unit 93-35, giving a perfect, first class product quality.