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Automatic voiding, linking and hanging machine. Single nozzle.

PVLH241 Linking and hanging machine
Portioning Capacity up to 2,500 portions/min. with voider up to 700 portions/min. without voider
Casing Type Collage, Cellulose
Calibre Range 13 to 34 mm with voider 13 to 50 mm without voider
Portion Length 25 – 600mm
Hanging Unit 220-16: For two smoke sticks up to 1,060 mm
Connected Load 5.5 kW
Gross Weight 770 kg
Linking unit with 1 linking nozzle
Operating voltage 380 to 460 V, 50 to 60 Hz


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  • Fully automatic casing change for linked products in peel-off and collagen casing
  • High production performance especially with small portions
  • First-class product quality due to gentle linking with voider technique
  • Significant cost reduction due to maximum weight accuracy per portion
  • Manifold options of the linking unit: individual collation, number of loops and distances between loops

The PVLH241 is the AL system to achieve maximum speed when linking cellulose and collagen casings in uniform lengths. The fully-automated functions enable maximum filling capacity for production.

The system places the linked sausages in straight or curved portions with the linking position exactly on the hanging unit’s hook. This unique flexibility means that the number of loops and number of portions per loop may be chosen at will. This guarantees maximum utilisation of the smoke sticks and thus more efficient use of downstream automated steps such as smoking and cooking systems.

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