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Automatic voiding, linking and cutting machine. Twin nozzles.

PVLS125 Plus Linking and Cutting Machine
Portioning Capacity Up to 1,500 Port./min.
Casing Type Natural, Collagen
Calibre Range 13 – 40mm
Portion Length from 40mm
Connected Load 5.5 Kw
Gross Weight 820 kg
Linking unit with revolver for 2 linking nozzles
Drive EtherCAT drive technology
Operating voltage 380 to 460 V, 50/60 Hz


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  • Modified movable linking drive for easy alignment of the nozzle
  • PLUS innovations and options: natural casing pusher, minimum setup times, easy operation and much more
  • First-class product quality due to precise separation with 2-belt solution and sensor
  • Flexibility thanks to separating into individual portions or strings of any length
  • Gentle linking thanks to voider technique with parallel voider
  • High level of efficiency due to linking unit with revolving head and 2 linking nozzles
  • Stop for easy pre-spraying in rotating position
  • Rationalisation effect due to casing change times of less than 2 seconds
  • Wide variety of products due to large range of applications and calibres
  • Significant cost reduction due to maximum weight accuracy per portion
  • Start-up assistant for natural casing to guarantee reliable operation and a perfect product as of the first portion

Start of the art technology for linking and cutting.

The most important features of the PVLS125 AL system are three distinctive modules; a linking unit with revolving head and 2 nozzles, a voiding belt and a cutting method with 2 belts.

The linking unit guarantees maximum efficiency due to the revolving head. When operation is stopped, the revolving head automatically moves out of the casing brake. To change the casing, the operator simply uses the two-handed operating system. The revolving head then tilts and moves linearly into the filling position. Easy operation and optimum handling ensure high production output day after day.

Optional installation of various voiding units as well as a voiding belt for products that are to be cut inline provide outstanding flexibility. The modern cutting method with two independent conveyor belts creates a gap at the link point on the string of sausages. The sausage string is then cut on the second belt. This clean and precise cutting method guarantees attractive and length-consistent end products.

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