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Automatic voiding, linking and cutting machine. Triple nozzles.

PVLS 143 Voiding, Linking and Cutting Machine
Portioning Capacity Collagen – up to 1,500 Port./min. Natural – up to 1,000 Port./min.
Casing Type Natural, Collagen
Calibre Range 13 – 40mm
Portion Length from 25 mm
Connected Load 5.5 kW
Gross Weight 830 kg
Linking unit with revolver for 3 linking nozzles
Drive EtherCAT drive technology
Operating voltage 380 to 460 V, 50/60 Hz
Casing calibre from 40 mm


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  • Fully automatic casing change for production of collagen and artificial casing products or manual casing change for natural casing products
  • Linking unit with revolver and 3 nozzles ensures extremely short casing change times. The casing change time for the automatic processing of collagen and artificial casing is 1.7 seconds. For the manual processing of natural casing it is under 2 seconds (operator-dependent)
  • High process reliability through centring of the linking nozzle and exact guiding of the slug during casing spooling
  • Top hygiene conditions due to targeted removal of exiting filling material when the slug is changed
  • Modern cutting method with 2 independent conveyor belts for clean separation in the centre
  • Improved cutting quality with gap sensor allows completely closed ends
  • Short conversion times
  • Large range of applications

The new fully-automatic Handtmann PVLS143 system facilitates a completely new level of productivity. The state-of-the-art technology of a linking unit with revolving head and 3-nozzles ensures extremely short casing change times. Either fully automatic with a casing magazine for artificial/collagen casings or manual for natural casings.

Thanks to its high degree of reliability, the PVLS143 lays the ideal economic foundations for all users. This reliable system ensures maximum weight and length accuracy. The PVLS143 cutting line also ensures precise separating in combination with a two-belt solution.

A large calibre range and the processing of all types of casing and sausage meat for an extensive product portfolio complete the outstanding features of the most recent development.

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