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ConPro Compact

Continuous production of food products in alginate casings.

Handtmann ConPro Compact Machine
Connected load 3.5 kW
Drive EtherCAT drive technology
Operating voltage 380 to 460 V, 50/60 Hz
Casing calibre 8 to 32 mm
Portion length from 40 mm
Technical prerequisites of the vacuum filler - VF 800/VF 600 (PCK4 control system) master machine for filling, portioning and servo linking, without linking gearbox - Alginate feed unit - KLSH 153 for cutting with forming or cutting, forming and hanging incl. spraying device, control unit and filter unit as well as 1 co-extrusion head and 1 set of transport belts long/flat


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  • COMPACT low-cost entry-level model into the field of alginate technology with alginate feed unit
  • For a variety of applications, such as meat, cheese, fish, confectionery, vegetarian, vegan, kosher, halal and hybrid products
  • Versatility for cut or formed products with options for further processing: Hanging or collating and depositing into packaging
  • Cost savings through alginate instead of casing and high level of automation
  • High flexibility in production thanks to easy conversion for the processing of natural, collagen and peel-off casing
  • Latest and state-of-the-art communication technology thanks to trendsetting EtherCAT bus system

The ConProCompact system is the entry-level variant for small- and medium-scale producers for the continuous production of food products in alginate casings. The advantages of compact design, easy operation and flexible use are predominant for this target group. The buffer of the alginate feed unit is in particular sufficient for performance level -1 or thin calibres.

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