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KLSH 153 ConPro System

Continuous sausage production for varieties of sausage products in alginate casing.

ConPro System
Operating voltage 380 to 460 V
Portioning speed up to 3,000 portions/min
Casing calibre 8 to 32 mm
Belt speeds ConPro-1 = 1 m/sec ConPro-2 = 2 m/sec
Portioning length from 40 mm
Connected load 3.5 kW
Drive EtherCAT drive technology
High-performance cocktail version with multi-forming and separating unit • Calibre: 13 to 28 mm • Portion lengths: 40 to 60 mm • Belt speed max. 2.0 m/sec. (ConPro-2) • Portioning capacity: up to 3,000 portions/min


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  • Up to 40% lower production costs compared with equivalent products in conventional types of casing
  • Continuous production technology for sausage-shaped products with flexible design of the alginate casing, suitable for the meat, cheese, fish, sweets, vegetarian, vegan, kosher or halal product sectors
  • High-performance variant for cocktail products thanks to specific multi-forming and separating unit
  • Further processing of the products in alginate casing is identical to that of conventional products (e.g. in conventional smoking, cooking or baking systems)
  • Flexible adaptation of the system to increasing production capacities through simple upgrade of the entry-level model

The Handtmann ConPro system is designed for the continuous, industrial production of sausage-shaped products in alginate casing. The basic components of the Handtmann ConPro system are two Handtmann vacuum fillers. While the master machine continuously conveys the product, the slave machine precisely feeds the alginate paste to the co-extrusion head. The alginate casing is produced during the continuous filling process through gelatinisation of the pasty alginate film in a saline fixing solution. The subsequent process steps could be separating the products with formed ends or automatic hanging of the sausages on a hanging unit, as in conventional sausage production.

Alginate casing instead of natural casing

The ConPro technology (co-extrusion process) offers new options for the production of sausage-shaped products. It combines the advantages of an edible alginate casing with the flexible Handtmann sausage filling technology. Because the alginate paste replaces conventional casings, the production process can run continuously and no casing changes are required. Furthermore, the alginate casing can be customised in terms of thickness, colour and taste. This creates completely new opportunities for developing, designing and marketing a variety of products, whether meat-based products, vegan/vegetarian, kosher/halal or other.

Up to 40 % lower production costs

The cutting edge of the ConPro system is the elimination of conventional sausage casings or casings as such. The continuous production without casing change offers high automation potential at significantly reduced production costs. Cost savings of up to 40 % in the overall process are thus possible.

Wide variety of process options

The KLSH 153 ConPro system offers several process options, such as cutting with product ends forming for the fresh fried sausage application, or cutting and forming with subsequent product hanging on a hanging for the cabanossi or salami sticks application.

High-performance option for cocktail products

Equipped with the multi-forming and separating unit, the KLSH 153 ConPro system turns into a high-performance line for cocktail products at up to 3,000 sausages per minute. In a continuous, endless production process, sausages in the calibre range of 13 to 28 mm can be produced. Precisely separated and formed product ends are guaranteed, even at maximum production speed. The cocktail products can be transferred directly to freezer/frying tunnels.

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