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ConProLink System

Combining the advantages of a vegetable alginate skin with the Handtmann co-extrusion technology.

ConPro Link System
Connected load 5.5 kW
Drive Sercos drive technology
Operating voltage 380 to 460 V, 50/60 Hz
Casing calibre 10 to 28 mm (depending on the product)
Portioning speed up to 300 portions/min.
Portion length from 80 mm
Technical prerequisites of the vacuum filler Master machine for filling and portioning, PCK4, X40, V24 or X54 Slave machine for filling, portioning and servo linking , without linking gearbox, V24 or X54 KVLSH 162 AL system for linking with cutting and hanging incl. spraying device, control and filter unit as well as 1 linking co-extrusion head and 1 set of transport belts long/flat with transverse grooves
Voider unit 160-24 incl. 1 set of voider clippers


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  • Continuous sausage production for linked products with well-formed and closed ends
  • Processing semi-viscous products is possible thanks to the closed ends
  • Significant savings in casing costs
  • Wide variety of applications for fresh, ripened, mould-ripened, dried, cooked and smoked sausage products
  • Apart from meat products, many more applications such as cheese, fish, vegetarian products and sweets
  • Ideal for vegan, vegetarian, kosher or halal products
  • Composition can be adapted on a product and process-specific basis in terms of stability, colour and flavour
  • High degree of automation with significant rationalisation effect

The ConPro system combines the advantages of a vegetable alginate skin with the Handtmann co-extrusion technology. Now a new step has been added: linking and hanging in a continuous process. The new ConProLink system with hanging function takes the production of sausages to another level and creates additional potential for innovative product solutions and highly-economical processes.

This leading technology produces a purely vegetable alginate skin using the linking/co-extrusion head, portions the filling product precisely to the gram, constricts it with the help of the voider, links the products and then hangs them directly on to the hanging unit. The alginate skin can be customised in terms of the thickness, colour and the taste of the skin. This creates completely new opportunities for developing, designing and marketing innovative products. Excellent potential to widen the product range coupled with highly-efficient production.

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