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Handtmann Premium Cutting Set

5-part Premium Handtmann cutting set for the Handtmann GD 451 and GD 93-3 inline grinding systems with optional digital cutting set management

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Preconfigured 5-part cutting sets
Arm Blades 6- and 8-arm blades
Separating knife 8-arm separating kmife
Technical prerequisites Inline grinding system with grinding housing with coded feature key Premium blade shaft


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  • Everything from a single source and thus optimally coordinated: Original 5-part Premium Handtmann cutting set, inline grinding system, separator and vacuum filler
  • Significant increase in process reliability and product safety due to installation safety through mechanical installation coding
  • Consistently excellent product quality thanks to product protection through pressure reduction, minimised friction and optimum flow of the product through the hole plates
  • Reduction of costs and wear due to optimised flow, uniform cutting, optimum mixing effect and separation and discharge of gristle
  • Process monitoring through digital cutting set management in combination with the Handtmann Communication Unit (HCU)

Handtmann inline grinding technology can be integrated into the production process for process and quality optimisation in the production of meat and sausage products, vegetarian/vegan products and cheese or vegetable products. The original Premium Handtmann cutting set ensures a gentle, precise and energy-efficient cutting process of the raw material with only minimal product heating. The optimum Premium Handtmann cutting set geometry achieves a significant reduction in pressure within the grinder housing, resulting in a perfect product appearance with uniform grain size. The optionally applicable and optimally coordinated separating function additionally ensures a high-quality and reliable end product. The original Premium Handtmann cutting set not only increases product quality, it also optimises cutting performance and offers simplified handling as well as process monitoring and documentation.

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