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DS 552 Depositing System

Continuous process on dough sheet systems, in thermo-forming packaging machines or tray sealers.

Technical Data Flexible application range for 2-24 lane doing into trays and thermo-forming packaging or onto dough streets
Dosing nozzle versions Round, slot, diaphragm, customer-specific
Outlets 2 to 24
Nozzle frame Mobile, modular, fixed, with vertical traversing unit
Dosing nozzle diameter 7 to 20 mm
Recommended options of the VF Separate auger drive, signalling column
Film width (thermo-former) up to 600 mm
Maximum product temperature 90 °C
Maximum stroke, pneumatic traversing unit 80 mm
Minimum distance distance between dosing nozzles 30 mm
Tube diameter 9 mm, 13 mm, 16 mm
Technical prerequisites of the vacuum filler X71 additional drive
Dough sheet line widths 1,200 mm


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  • High-performance dosing with up to 200 cycles/minute
  • Flexible application range on 2 to 24 lanes
  • Wide range of products thanks to the dosing of a variety of filling products from fluid, pasty and viscous to chunky
  • Efficient and economical production due to a continuous process with high dosing capacity
  • Cost reduction thanks to minimisation of give-away due to portioning accurate to the gram and exact weights per lane and portion
  • Maximum product reliability thanks to the valve-free dosing principle without filling pistons
  • Excellent hygiene conditions due to hygienic design

Multi-Lane Dosing into trays and thermo-forming packaging or onto dough sheet systems

Is a valve-free, depositing system for the precise and safe dosing of filling products.

A continuous, high-performance process for the industrial production into trays and thermo-forming packaging or onto dough sheet systems.

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