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Precisely round forming device.

79-0 Round Forming Device
Production Output Up to 300 Port./min.
No. of Lanes 2
Diaphragm Sizes DF50, Ø 20 – 50mm DF70, Ø 20 – 60mm
Outlet height/transfer height 995 mm
Capacity up to 380 dumplings/min.
Voltage 200 to 575 V


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  • Accurately formed dumplings in continuous production process
  • Excellent portioning accuracy in combination with Handtmann vacuum fillers
  • First-class product quality thanks to gentle product handling
  • High performance of up to 380 dumplings/min.
  • Simple control of the portion size through the filling speed of the vacuum filler

The 79-0 Round Forming Device ensures precisely formed products with the greatest portioning accuracy. The attachment is connected directly to the outlet of any Handtmann Vacuum Filling machine.

The Vacuum Filling machine continuously feeds the 79-0 and the portion size of the ball is easily controlled through the filler speed. To prevent products sticking together, the 79-0 uses two diaphragm outlets that each form and alternatively portion individual balls/dumplings.

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