FMPS VF800 Series | Handtmann

FMPS VF800 Series

Fresh minced meat portioning system.

Handtmann FMPS-VF800 Series Machine
System VF800 for filling & portioning Integrated grinder drive GD451 & GD452 grinding heads GMD99-3 mince portioning device
Vaccum Filling Machines VF838 S3 – VF848 S15
Portioning Capacity Up to 200 Port./min.
Max Product Size 220 x 80mm (width x height)
Portioning Accuracy +/- 1%


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Leading process solutions for fresh minced meat portioning.

Handtmann’s impressive minced meat systems offer top product quality, perfect handling and maximum profitability. From automatic feeding through to constant Vacuum Filler product flow and exact portioning using the minced meat portioner, to the precise positioning of the product into the tray – automation solutions for minced meat from Handtmann facilitate an automatic process with no non-production times and no risk of contamination.

The FMPS systems incorporate the perfect interplay of the grinding and portioning process steps in conjunction with tray feeding automation options or depositing into thermo-forming machines, for extremely high production standards.

The line’s integration with the subsequent packaging processes and its compatibility with all conventional packaging machines facilitate a range of professional automation options for meeting production demands.

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