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FS 501

Auxiliary device for 3D-shaped products that can be attached directly to the vacuum filler

FS 501
System requirements vacuum filler Linking drive (mandatory) VF 800 (PCM control ), VF 600 (min. PCK3 or MC3) from software version V09.17bx
Forming parameters Product diameter up to max. 55 mm
Forming parameters 3-hole plate system
Forming set 15 mm to 55 mm
Portioning capacity Up to 250 portions per minute (depending on product size and weight)
Control Central control via vacuum filler
Outlet/transfer height VF 608 to VF 610: 1,100 to 1,170 mm VF 611 to VF 634: 1,155 to 1,205 mm VF 830 to VF 848: 1,155 to 1,205 mm (max. 1,255 mm)


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  • High flexibility and economic efficiency thanks to a production output of up to 250 portions per minute
  • Large variety of shapes for nearly all 3D product shapes and geometries thanks to a flexible 3-hole plate system with easy format changes
  • Product diversity thanks to the optimum processing of many different initial products, including a high level of reproducibility of all products
  • Reduced production costs thanks to accurate-to-the-gram product weights with only minimal give-away and economy of raw material
  • Particularly high product quality including absolute form accuracy thanks to the patented 3-hole plate system

The FS 501 forming system, which can be attached directly to the Handtmann vacuum filler, enables the automatic production of a variety of 3D-shaped products. Many different feed materials, such as meat and fish, vegetables, vegetarian/vegan, hybrid convenience products, dairy products or pet food can be processed and formed with maximum flexibility. Start-ups, small and medium-scale producers as well as food service, gastronomy and catering can benefit from a wide range of products thanks to the flexible use of the FS 501.

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