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FS 525

All-in-one system for free forming or forming and separating.

Outlet height/transfer height adjustable from 985 mm to 1,120 mm
Belt width 250 mm
Operating voltage 380 to 460 V, 50/60 Hz
Product diameter Hole plates: dia. 15 to 100 mm Rotary cutter: dia. 15 to 130 mm
Capacity Hole plates: 250 cycles/min. Rotary cutter: 350 cycles/min.
Machine width 900 mm
Machine length 1700 mm
Maximum product height 130 mm
Flattening height 10 mm to 50 mm
Safety category 3, PLd
Technical prerequisites of the vacuum filler VF 600 with PCK4 control: X40 socket (EtherCAT) VF 800 with PCM control: X40 socket
Conveyor belt speed max. 1 m/sec.


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  • Maximum flexibility in the production of formed products thanks to two forming principles (hole plates and rotary cutter)
  • Universally suitable for processing of products such as meat, meat substitute, dough, vegetarian and vegan products, confectionery, dairy, pet food and many more
  • Extremely economical production of a versatile product portfolio thanks to simple and fast conversion in just a few minutes
  • First-class product quality due to shortest filling product paths and gentle forming principle
  • High production output thanks to high cycle times and continuous process
  • Fast return on investment due to maximum machine utilisation
  • Compact all-in-one solution with small footprint
  • Compatible and interface-capable for comprehensive automation processes


The 1-lane FS 525 Forming and cutting system combines two different forming principles.

The hole plate moulding technique allows the production of free-formed 3D products. The rotary cutter allows the production of different cross-sections with a straight cut. Product and shape changes take only a few simply steps and are possible in only 3 minutes thanks to the sophisticated conversion concept.

In combination with a vacuum filler, the system, is universally suitable for the gentle yet efficient processing of products such as meat dough, fillings, vegetarian and vegan products, meat substitute, dairy, confectionery and pet food.

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