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Forming and cutting of long, dimensionally stable, skinless products or varying cross-sections.

FS510 Forming and Cutting Machine
Production Output Up to 250 cuts/min.
No. of Lanes 6 to 24
Filling Pressure Up to 35 Bar
Max. Product Height 80mm
Portion Length From 20mm
Width of Conveyor Belt 600mm
Outlet height/transfer height adjustable from 900 mm to 1,130 mm
Operating voltage 380 to 460 V, 50/60 Hz
3 feed system widths with outlet spacing 22.5 mm, 45 mm and 76 mm
Capacity up to 250 cuts/min.
Travelling cutting unit with blade or wire
Product length from 5 mm
Servo-driven filling flow divider 6 to 24-lane
Technical prerequisites of the vacuum filler PCK 3 and X40 CAN Sercos socket (from VF 612 to VF 630)


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  • Wide range of products possible
  • High portioning capacity with up to 250 cuts/min.
  • High weight accuracy thanks to servo-driven filling flow divider
  • Gentle processing and optimal product appearance thanks to travelling blade
  • Very short conversion times during product change

The new 510 Forming System from Handtmann is just the right solution for companies in the food industry who are on the lookout for new products. The fully-automatic production of formed products with various cross-sections widens the range of modern, contemporary product ideas for today’s consumers.

The impressive feature of this new system is the economical process. The filling material is fed to the filling flow divider by a VF600 Vacuum Filler. Separating is performed directly at the outlet, either with a wire or a blade; it is uninterrupted and linear to the product speed. The desired product shape is created using mould components positioned at the outlet. The gentle process also results in first-class product quality. The long, dimensionally stable, skinless products are transported on a conveyor belt and transferred to downstream systems for further processing.

Reliable production of new products with fully-automatic forming.

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