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FS522 forming system for burgers, balls, croquettes, sticks and 3D shapes.

FS522 Forming System
Production Output Up to 250 cycles/ min.
No. of Lanes 2
Product Diameter Up to 65mm (correspondingly larger when flattened)
Outlet height/transfer height TB 446, 850 to 1,000 mm adjustable
Capacity up to 250 cycles/min.
Flattening height 10 to 55 mm
Voltage 380 to 440 V 200 to 240 V (50/60 Hz)
Technical prerequisites of the vacuum filler PCK 3 (from VF 612, VF 830) 2 additional drives required for filling flow divider and forming module
Conveyor belt speed 2 to 30 m/min.


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  • Rotating hole plate system
  • Large variety of products and shapes
  • Well-formed products
  • Driven filling flow divider
  • Precise weight accuracy, thus cost savings thanks to less raw material
  • High cycle times
  • High economic efficiency due to increase in daily production
  • Servo technology
  • Cost savings thanks to maintenance-friendly system
  • Weight accuracy
  • Low noise level
  • Flexible application for a wide range of products for flattened products via flattening function or as stand-alone version for water/oil bath systems, laminating systems or subsequent conveyor belts
  • Cost savings due to quick conversion for other applications or other sizes (exchange of few mould components)

The FS522 is designed to produce two lanes of formed products on to a conveyor belt with flattening option for medium and industrial scale volumes.

Like the FS520, it can produce a wide range of shapes across a range of applications such as meat balls, fish or vegetables burgers, dumplings, rissoles and soup add-ins.

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