GMD99-2 | Handtmann


Fresh minced meat portioner.

GMD 99-2 Fresh mince portioner
Portioning Capacity Up to 140 Port./min.
Max Product Size 220mm x 75mm
Min. Product Length 100mm
Conveyor belt speed max. 0.9 m/sec.


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  • Easy to operate
  • Outstanding weight accuracy of +/- 1%
  • Flexible use
  • High output of up to 140 portions per minute
  • Ultimate product hygiene
  • Can be used with or without paper

The tried and tested combination of a VF600 vacuum filler, GD93-3 inline grinding system with GD93-6 minced meat grinding attachment and GMD99-2 minced meat portioner is easy to operate via the VF600’s monitor control system.

Only a handful of parameters need be set in order to operate the minced meat line reliably. Full production capacity with outstanding weight accuracy is available immediately.

For minced meat production with maximum production hygiene.

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