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State-of-the-art fresh minced meat portioner.

GMD 993
Portioning Capacity Up to 200 Port./min.
Product Height Up to 80mm.
Options Separating with wire cutter (for products such as marzipan, cheese etc). Scraper for blade to prevent products from sticking.
Belt width 300 mm
Maximum product width 220 mm
Technical prerequisites of the vacuum filler From VF 616 with grinding drive and X34 (CAN/Sercos) VF 838 S or VF 848 S with grinding drive


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  • 200 portions per minute are possible thanks to a travelling blade
  • Higher portioning and weight accuracy due to the filling machine's continuous operation
  • Less product heating < 0.5 °C
  • Less wear of the cutting sets in the grinder and of the feed system in the vacuum filler due to the continuous process
  • Flexible product spacing possible thanks to servo technology (smooth depositing into trays guaranteed)
  • Utmost running smoothness (virtually noiseless)

A new minced meat portioner in combination with state of the art inline grinding technology and state of the art VF800 vacuum filling technology meets all the demands placed on top production standards.

The special feature of this line is the travelling, servo-driven separating principle during continuous filling machine operation.

It is ideal for high performance and reliable production of all types of minced meat products.

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