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Filled products; balls, koftas, croquette production.

Handtmann MFD-Co-Ex Machine
Production Output Up to 400 Port./min.
Product Weight 12 – 100g
Product Diameter 20 – 56mm
Conveyor Belt Width 500mm
Co-Ex Volumes Up to 30% inner fill capacity
Control Type Touch Screen


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The Verbufa Co-Ex Forming Machine is the ideal solution for forming meat, cheese and vegetable products that have single or double fillings such as meatballs, sausages and croquettes.

The Co-Ex Forming System is designed to be directly attached to the outlet of two Handtmann Vacuum Filling machines for quality products and accurate weight control. One Handtmann Filler is used for the portioning of the inner product and the second Handtmann Filler is used to portion the outer product.

The servo-driven cutting unit is manufactured with an interchangeable and patented forming-set for high volume production on a variety of products. Using touch screen technology the Co-Ex Forming Machine combines to deliver a system for versatile and efficient production for a comprehensive range of formed quality products. The machine is durable and maintenance-free, fully CE certified, easy to clean and meets all hygiene requirements.

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