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A single lane round former system.

RF440 Ball and burger forming
Products Balls, burgers, croquettes and dumplings
Production Output Up to 150 Port./min.
Diaphragm Sizes 50∅ – 10-45mm 70∅ – 40-65mm 100∅ – 60-94mm
Belt Speed 2 – 30 mtr/min
Belt Height 850 – 1,000mm
Outlet height/transfer height 850 mm to 1,000 mm
Belt width TB 446, 300 mm
Belt inclination TB 446 +/-30° (without flattening belt)
Capacity up to 150 portions/min.
Flattening height 10 to 55 mm
Voltage 200 to 240 V (50/60 Hz)
Technical prerequisites of the vacuum filler VF 600 vacuum filler with MC3, PCK2 (with HFM preparation), PCK3


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  • Well-formed products with maximum form accuracy
  • Impressive economic efficiency thanks to high production output of up to 150 portions/min. and a maximum degree of weight accuracy
  • Modular system technology for a wide variety of products: 446 conveyor belt for downstream process steps such as roasting, deep frying, packaging etc. or 446-30 flattening belt for burgers with homemade quality
  • Large variety of products and shapes with one single device
  • Centralised control, simple operation of the line from the filler

The Handtmann RF440 Round Former is the perfect attachment to accommodate the strong increasing trend for the production of a wide variety of convenience products worldwide.

Just one system for a wide variety of products and shapes – always with excellent product quality. The technology of the RF440 Round Former guarantees high production outputs coupled with excellent weight accuracy. The attachment uses a diaphragm with perfectly-fitting contours  to ensure constant and impressive form accuracy. Products with a diameter of 10-94mm can be produced, with a portioning capacity of up to 150 portions per minute.

The modular structure of the system offers maximum flexibility: the 446 conveyor belt facilitates integration of the 446-30 flattening belt which allows for burger production with a homemade quality.

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