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GS 300

Automatic collation and depositing of fresh sausage into trays.

Production Output Up to 420 portions/min
Portioning Capacity Fresh sausages in alginate casing: up to 400 portions/min. Fresh sausages in collagen casing: up to 600 portions/min. Fresh sausages in natural casing: up to 400 portions/min.
Tray Dimensions Length: Up to 325 mm Width: Up to 265 mm Height: Up to 60 mm
Tray Type Hard plastic trays Foamed polystyrene trays
Compatibility VF600/ VF800 vacuum filler with PVLS 143/ PVLS 125 AL system, GM310 collating module and ZB 311 feed belt ConPro or ConProLink system with GM310 collating module and ZB311 feed belt
Casing calibre 13 to 40 mm (depending on the degree of the bend)
Sausage length Fresh sausages in alginate and collagen casing: 80 to 310 mm
Depositing of sausages into the tray 1 and 2 layers
Upstream machines/systems PVLS 125 PVLS 143 PVLSH 229 KLSH 153 KVLSH 162


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  • High rationalisation effect and significantly increased economic efficiency
  • Cost savings due to reduction of staff
  • Perfect appearance of the sausages inside the packaging as there are no more pressure points from manual intervention
  • Flawless, hygienic production process thanks to reduction of manual intervention
  • Hygienic design at the highest level
  • Simple conversion to other tray formats thanks to modular system design
  • Usage of all common tray formats and types available on the market

The GS300 collating system is an effective turnkey solution for automatically collating and depositing fresh sausages in natural, collagen or alginate casing into trays.

Medium-scale and industrial producers from the meat or general food sector, such as vegetarian and dairy product producers, benefit from the significant rationalisation effect of this automation solution.

A major advantage is the Handtmann hygienic design of the entire production line, from the vacuum filler to the tray denester, which ensures excellent hygiene conditions for production.

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