WS 910 Weighing System | Handtmann

WS 910 Weighing System

For excellent weight-accurate, classic and formed products

Technical prerequisites VF 838 S/VF 848 S, X40 auxiliary socket
Connected load 230 V
Weighing performance Up to 200 portions per minute
Product length Minimum product length 30 mm - Maximum product length 410 mm
Product width Max. 250 mm
Belt width 275 mm
Weighing range 50 g to 3,000 g
Temperature range +/- 0° to 40°°C


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  • Increased line efficiency and production output due to fewer products being ejected
  • Significant cost savings by reducing give-away to a minimum (100 % control through reference weighing of each portion).
  • User-friendly due to Handtmann LineControl, which automatically sets the scales and the communication in the line solution
  • Best hygiene conditions due to simple Best hygiene conditions due to simple belt assembly and disassembly for cleaning purposes assembly and disassembly for cleaning purposes
  • Product from the Handtmann portfolio, Handtmann service provision included

The WS 910 weighing system from Handtmann offers cost reduction with guaranteed accurate-to-the-gram weights in every packaging unit. It is particularly useful in the application areas of minced meat and in the production of formed products.

The WS 910 weighing system with the SB 912 sorting conveyor is always part of a turnkey solution, integrated into a production line for process monitoring. The main functions comprise production control, monitoring and weight control, as well as ejecting under or overweight portions after the forming and portioning process.

The weighing system forms part of the Handtmann LineControl concept. On the one hand, this ensures user-friendliness (product selection via the vacuum filler only; setting of the scales and communication then automatically in the line), and, on the other hand, process reliability due to increased line Efficiency.

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