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Inotec vacuum emulsifier are used in production lines

Handtmann I175-iT-90D Emulsifying Machine
Technical Data hopper volume approx. 200l Inlet height of hopper 860mm Outlet height of discharge pipe 850mm Connection 75kW at 50Hz Motor speed 2950rpm, 3600rpm Motor housing IP56 3Ph- 400v/50Hz Net weight approx. 750kg


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Inotec vacuum emulsifier are used in production lines. After the mixing process the meat size reduced to 8-15mm, is fed continuously into the vacuum hopper by means of an external pump.

Two intermeshing paddle shafts in the hopper allow highest vacuum levels. The horizontal feeding screw in combination with a temperature and pressure controlled lobe pump are guaranteeing an optimal supple of the cutting set for finest size reduction and emulsification. A high value, compact with a minimum residual oxygen content and an intense color is the result which is predestined for slicing logs.

Inotec offers an infinitely variable process- vacuum to determine the texture of the product according to the respective requirements. The automatic temperature control as well as the precisely working, cutting set keep the product temperature within the specified temperature range. For a constant, traceable production and product quality.

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