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IVM Mixer

The unique gentle mixing and blending technology

Handtmann IVM Mixer


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  • Flexible mixing adaptable to a wide range of products
  • Fast, powerful and durable
  • Modular design with manifold options such as heating and cooling

The unique and versatile mixing technology of the Inotec VarioMix with independently controllable spiral shafts can be optimally used for numerous fields of application in food processing operations of medium and industrial scale. The VarioMix IVM is characterised by its gentle mixing technology with incredibly short mixing times, heating and cooling functions and extremely fast emptying. The ability to mix a wide variety of products, even sensitive ones, and to mix in inserts render it an all-rounder in modern production processes.

The interacting, independently controllable spiral shafts make the particularly efficient and gentle Inotec VarioMix mixing system unique. It allows for both gentle and highly intensive mixing and can thus be optimally adapted to a wide variety of products from meat, dairy, delicatessen, dough and powdery or granular and more applications.

The usable volume of the VarioMix ranges from 350 to 4,000 litres and it is therefore perfectly suited for the production of a wide variety of products in small batches, but is also for massaging large pieces of meat. In addition, the VarioMix is ideally laid out for continuous use in industrial high-performance production thanks to its high-quality components. Incredibly short mixing times, easy operation via the Inotec process control and the patented CamView system for visual process monitoring ensure a continuous and economically efficient process.

Mixing under vacuum, automatic dosing of water and powder. The possibilities to heat or cool the products directly (injection) or indirectly (double jacket) are valuable options for cold and hot products.

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