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Twin Shaft Mixer

Efficient mixing geometry for perfect taste

Handtmann Twin Shaft Mixer


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  • Flexible mixing technology in every application
  • Economical. Compatible. User-friendly.
  • Variety of options further expands the range of applications

Handtmann Inotec mixing technology is optimally suited for fast and homogeneous thorough mixing of viscous to highly viscous products in food and pet food production. It is used both in line production and as a stand-alone machine. The different models with paddle shafts, spiral shafts or screw shafts are optimally adapted to the respective application, from meat and meat substitute, to dairy, confectionery and vegan/vegetarian products to baby food and pet food. In every application, medium-scale and industrial producers benefit from fast and optimal mixing with easy emptying via the outlet flaps of the mixers.

Whether vegan/vegetarian, minced meat, cheese product, baby mash or pet food: Handtmann Inotec mixers provide the optimum shaft configuration for any mixing material. Vertically offset paddle shafts for softer products, parallel paddle shafts for stiffer and viscous products, parallel spiral shafts for highly viscous products or parallel screw shafts for extremely stiff products – the optimum mixing geometry and the variably adjustable mixing from gentle to intensive always ensure an optimum mixing result.

The option of heating or cooling products directly (injection) or indirectly (double jacket) allows the processing of both cold and hot products. The addition of liquids and dry substances during operation is possible via additional connections. Load cells provide additional reliability in the process. The texture of the product can be customised through appropriate process steps, vacuum, mixing direction, interval and time as well as pauses. The integrated process control can be individually adapted to a wide range of products. The range of applications for Handtmann Inotec mixing technology is thus comprehensive and universal.

The mixers are available with a useful volume of 50 to 6,000 litres to accommodate any production volume. They are perfect stand-alone machines but also easy to integrate into existing processing systems. The process control monitors and regulates the user-friendly interface with intuitive input of mixing parameters and central control of the overall process. Emptying is quick and easy via one or two outlet flaps.

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