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Vario Mixer IKVM500VAC

The ultimate mixing technology with tiltable vessel.

Handtmann Vario Mixer IKVM500VAC Machine
Technical Data Volume up the highest edge of the external mixing spiral, 500l Total volume, to the edge of the trough 750l Total mixing volume 420l Tilting device with planet gear 1.1kW/1rev/min


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Due to its unique, gentle mixing technology, the VarioMix is ideal for numerous applications, e.g. for food products: salami and minced meat products, fine sausage meat masses / mixing in inserts, processed and fresh cheese mixtures, doughs and masses as well as powdery and granular products. Especially sensitive products (e.g. fish and seafood, potatoes or noodles) and various convenience and non-food products can be optimally mixed.

The Inotec VarioMix with tilting mixing trough is ideal for the production of small batches with a large variety of products.

The patented adjustable trough inclination up to an angle of 120° and the patented slip-on scraper for the outer shaft ensure the best possible and gentle emptying of any viscosity of the mixed product.

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