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IG5-iT Tying

Handtmann IG5-iT Tying Machine
Technical Data Double tying (with cross knot) and defined distance between the portions. Programmable loop generator for hanging loops. Caliber range: 28 – 80 mm Production of the widest variety of products, casings and tyings. Extended operation parameters for the widest variety of products. Intuitive and language free INOTEC Touch iT control


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  • High output and cost reduction through savings on casing
  • Easy operation and optimum level of hygiene

The Handtmann Inotec IG5-iT offers portioning, tying and separating of sausage products in natural, collagen and artificial casing. The products are reliably tied at a high output with individually adjustable spacing and accurate weights, with or without loops. Separating the products immediately after the tying process is possible as an option. The products satisfy mega trends such as “like handmade” and “sustainably produced”, as they entirely eliminate the use of metal clips.

The IG5-iT is optimally suited for the reliable tying of sausage products in the calibre range of 28 to 80 mm. The slight “overfill” creates nice, well-filled products with a bite. The indentation created by the longitudinal twine produces the classic and sales-promoting quality feature of “handmade”. A wide variety of freely adjustable product string layouts with small or large spacing, with or without optional hanging loops or the possibility to apply a sausage net, offer almost limitless scope for design. Typical products are the traditional Italian salami in all sizes and shapes or the Polish Krakowska.

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