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WT99-iT Twin

The WT99-iT for curved products.

Handtmann WT-99-IT Twin Cutting Machine
Technical Data Unique concept- one operator, double cutting performance Hygienic and ergonomic design With high performance processors, Twist Extender and Twist Recognition Up to 2 x 1800 cuts per minute Constant cutting mode from 10mm with single knives


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The hygienic, robust and reliable, full stainless steel construction of the WT99-iT, Twin does double the output with a single operator giving constant cutting results with its two independently working cutting tracks for the same calibre setting enables precession and speed as well as maximum productivity. Sausage chains are cut precisely and quickly. The WT99-iT Twin is the ideal machine for large production quantities.

Offers the capacity of the WT99-iT. One single drive for two cutting lanes and two independently acting knifes. One operator cuts almost the double quantity with a minimum of extra space requirements.

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