HVF658 | Handtmann


Perfect for pore-free and compact dry sausage product.

Filling Capacity Up to 7,200 kg/h
Filling Pressure Up to 72 Bar
Hopper Volume 350 Litre
Floor Standing Hopper 450 Litres
Connected Load 14 to 25 kW
Weight 1,540 kg
Feed system 1,000 cm³
Vacuum pump Feed system vacuum with 40 m³


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  • Pore-free, compact product
  • Clear product appearance
  • Pleasant colouring thanks to elimination of all residual air
  • Outstanding suction of firm or cold products
  • Very good portioning capacity and weight accuracy due to optimum feed
  • Maximum evacuation for reduced maturing time and higher selling weight
  • Space-saving, compact system with easy handling and low running costs

The HVF658 with a filling pressure of up to 72 bar is the perfect solution for dry sausage, stick snacks and products made from very firm or cold product. A totally pore-free and compact dry sausage product is achieved due to the excellent evacuation facilitated by the HVF658. An outstanding level of productivity is ensured by a high filling pressure, optimum firm product suction characteristics and perfect flow into the vane cell feed system. Optional use of the integrated Handtmann inline grinding technology facilitates further optimisation of product quality and processing.

Pore-free, compact product quality with excellent appearance and attractive colour due to the elimination of all residual air, results in a prolonged product shelf life. Outstanding suction of firm or cold products ensures a high filling capacity and productivity. Maximum evacuation facilitates a reduced maturing time and higher selling weight. The HVF658 is available as an option with a floor-standing reservoir and can also be supplied with an automatic arm lifting and tipping device.

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