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The ideal solution for first class ham products.

Filling Capacity 16,000 kg/h
Filling Pressure Up to 10 Bar
Hopper Volume 350 Litres
Floor-Standing Hopper 1,100 Litres
Connected Load 12 to 16 kW
Weight 1,640 kg
Outlet diameter 100 mm
Feed system 10,000 cm³
Portioning range from 5 to 200,000 g
Vacuum pump Feed system vacuum with 40 m³


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  • Vane cell feed system with large feed system volume for whole muscle pieces
  • Optimum product protection due to short product path and large outlet cross-section of 100 mm; no abrasion, therefore no sausage meat type pockets
  • Excellent product quality for high-quality ham products made from large and whole muscle pieces, with optimum product binding
  • Maintains the muscle structure with only a few cuts in the system
  • Direct connection of clippers and other auxiliary devices
  • 425 cutting valve as equipment option for portioning directly in containers or thermo-forming machines

The Handtmann HVF670 is a unique, specialist model for the efficient production of premium ham products manufactured from large and whole muscle pieces, with individual pieces weighing more than 500 grams.

Without using a portioning unit attachment, the HVF670 fills and portions all qualities of ham with impressive speed, efficiency and accuracy.

The HVF670 boasts unrivalled production characteristics when processing large muscle pieces or whole topsides/ silversides, and therefore, sets completely new quality standards for processing cooked ham. The individual pieces are portioned gently and remain as whole muscle pieces. In conjunction with the excellent evacuation provided by the high vacuum technology, a first class product is produced, with no air pockets and without gel being deposited.

When connected to a 424 or 425 Cutting Valve the HVF670 also has the ability to portion products directly into containers or thermo-forming machines.

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