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VF 608 B

High power but low maintenance.

VF608 B
Filling Capacity 2,000 kg/h
Portioning Range 5 to 200,000 g
Portioning speed up to 2,000 kg/h
Portioning and fine adjustment from 0.1 g
Hopper Capacity Up to 100 litres
Control Monitor
Filling pressure up to 25 bar max. 40 bar in portioning mode
Operating voltage 380 to 440 V
Connected load 3 kW
Main drive Powerful, high-precision and energy-efficient servo main drive


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  • Accurate-to-the-gram portioning and dough dividing, gentle dough handling and the highest product quality thanks to the flexible Handtmann vane cell feed system.
  • Significant cost reduction due to the oil-free portioning and dough dividing principle.
  • Flexible baked goods production with the greatest product variety through the combination with various auxiliary devices for dough dividing, dosing, forming and more.
  • High productivity due to fast product changes with minimum amounts of residual product.
  • Low operating and maintenance costs thanks to the use of long-term stable and low-maintenance industrial-standard technology.
  • Maximum suitability for everyday use thanks to simple, intuitive and ergonomic operation.
  • Easy cleaning due to the full wet cleaning option with low-pressure equipment ensure highest hygiene conditions for production.

The VF 600 B portioning machines are powerful, low maintenance platforms for the production of baked goods. Together with various auxiliary devices, these machines guarantee an extremely wide range of products. It is possible to operate the machines as a stand-alone production unit or to integrate them into system solutions and this demonstrates the modularity and flexibility of the Handtmann systems. With the monitor control system as the central controller component, even complex production processes can be mastered with confidence.

The VF 608 B is the economical and powerful entry-level model.

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