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VF 608 Plus

The highest quality & flexibility in the industry.

Handtmann VF 608 Plus Advanced Edition
Filling Capacity 2,000 kg/h
Portioning Performance 25g – 300 Port./min. 50g – 230 Port./min. 100g – 180 Port./min. 200g – 120 Port./min
Hopper Capacity 40/100 Litre
Portioning Volume 5 – 100,000g
Filling Pressure 25/40 Bar
Connected Load 3,0 kW
Control Compact
Weight 460 kg
Portioning speed up to 300 portions/min. up to 400 portions/min. (servo linking)
Portioning and fine adjustment from 0.1 g
Main drive in servo technology


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  • New, modern look and with innovations of the new VF 800 vacuum filler generation.
  • Revised control system with colour display and 300 product memory locations as well as auxiliary socket for easy synchronisation and communication with auxiliary devices
  • High filling capacity up to 2,000 kg/h as well as portioning and linking capacity up to 400 portions/min. (servo linking).
  • Maximum suitability for everyday use thanks to simple and intuitive operation as well as fast product changes for small batches with minimum amounts of residual product.
  • Powerful processing and precise portioning of soft, pasty, chunky, firm or cold products.
  • Wide variety of products due to high flexibility and versatile auxiliary devices for linking, dosing, forming and cutting.
  • Excellent weight accuracy and first-class product quality thanks to gentle and adjustable Handtmann vane cell feed system.
  • Low operating and maintenance costs thanks to the use of industrial-standard technology.
  • CE-compliant safety and hygiene concept in accordance with the latest EU standards for highest hygiene conditions for production.

The performance and handling of the VF608 Plus Vacuum Filler is tailor-made to suit the needs of small-scale producers. The VF608 Plus is the result of systematic model improvements and provides significant plus points in terms of performance.

In addition to high performance and versatility, the other outstanding features of the Handtmann VF608 Plus are reliability, portioning accuracy and premium product quality. The machine can be put to many different uses in a wide range of applications from traditional sausage and meat products to new convenience and trend foods. Product quality is always first class, irrespective of whether the product is portioned into artificial, collagen or natural casings or into containers and trays.

A split hopper allows for simple, fast cleaning and easy filling of small batches direct to the upper part of the hopper. These are just some of the many details that provide testament to the tried-and-tested development work carried out over many years. The core component of the VF608 Plus Vacuum Filler is the Handtmann vane cell feed system. The low wear pump rotor with a longer average service life ensures top product quality over a long period of time.

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