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VF 828 S

The VF 828S is optimally designed for the medium scale industries.

VF828 S
Connected load Without grinding drive: 10 kW With grinding drive: 16 kW
Operating voltage 380 to 420 V
Filling pressure up to 45 bar
Filling capacity up to 3,000 kg/h (S3) resp. up to 5,000 kg/h (S5)
Main drive Powerful, high-precision and energy-efficient servo main drive
Portioning range from 5 to 200,000 g
Portioning speed up to 1,200 portions/min.
Portioning and fine adjustment from 0.1 g


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  • Consistently high filling capacity of up to 1,200 portions/minute thanks to a high-precision, high-performance and energy-efficient servo main drive
  • Flexible performance increase to a filling capacity of up to 5,000 kg/h
  • Long-term stable portioning accuracy to the gram in the portioning range of 5 to 200,000 g due to low wear in the vane cell feed system
  • Excellent, reproducible product quality thanks to the gentle feed principle of the vane cell feed system and integrated, digital product quality monitoring
  • Flexibility for a wide variety of applications and products as well as modular compatibility with upstream and downstream systems
  • Optimal adaptation to specific production requirements through a wide range of equipment options, additional functions, digital solutions and automation options
  • Excellent, high-level hygiene conditions thanks to the latest hygienic design and numerous hygiene-promoting additional options and cleaning programs
  • Outstanding energy efficiency (TÜV-certified) reduces operating costs
  • Premium quality made by Handtmann

The production output of the VF 828 S is scalable and can be flexibly adapted to changing production requirements and increases. It therefore covers the performance requirements of medium-scale producers with ease. The VF 828 S can convince with its versatility and is optionally also available with integrated inline grinding technology for portioning and grinding to final grain size in a single process step.

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